Design, technical statements and consulting

Technical statements, consulting and design of:

- Water Supply and Sewerage Systems and Facilities, in accordance with the current regulatory requirements;

- automatic fire extinguishing systems (sprinklers, drenchers), as well as manual fire extinguishing systems (fire hydrants, fire cabinets)

Design of automatic fire extinguishing systems

- development of projects for automatic fire extinguishing of administrative and production buildings, warehouses, high racks and logistics centers.

- elaboration of projects for Automatic Fire Extinguishing System according to BDS EN12845, VdS CEA 4001, NFPA14

Design of Water Supply and Sewerage of petrol stations:

Complete design of building and forecourt Water Supply and Sewerage. Design of forecourt Water Supply networks - Drinking, Fire and Technical Water Supply , Water Supply from drilling. Design of forecourt Sewerage - waste, rain and oil Sewerage. Design of fire tanks, pumping stations, wastewater treatment plants.

Complete design of Water Supply and Sewerage and Facilities:

- Design of Water Supply and Sewerage networks and Facilities, indoor and forecourt – Water Supply, Fire Networks and Sewage.

- Design of water and fire tanks, pumping stations, rainwater retention tanks, wastewater treatment plants.

- Offering ecological solutions with the use and utilization of rain and gray waters.

- Design according to LEED and BREEAM certificates.

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